best christian business hashtag for Christian entrepreneur

Best Christian Hashtags to Follow on LinkedIn for Christian Artists

When you create a page on LinkedIn, you can follow up to 3 hashtags. Which one should you follow and what is the use of them?

After choosing these hashtags, you will have the possibility under your page to follow all the posts with these hashtags really easily. This is a great way for you to stay updated on what is happening out there.

How to use them? I propose to you to put one lager one scale to know in large and maybe find a small company or someone who doesn’t necessary know how to use the hashtags. 1 large scope – 1 medium scope – 1 specific scope. You can also do 3 specifics, but the amount of posts you will see will be ways smaller.

Below you see the number of follower as of May 2023. This means that this is the amount of business following these hashtags. You can also use these hashtags to search in the bar or to add to your post, but this will not be the scope of this article.

Each hashtag is divided with his name, the description and the number of followers.


Larger scope with a bit of everything.

4 591 followers


Larger scope with a bit of everything.

4 524 followers


Larger scope with also a bit of everything.

1 335 followers


Larger scope with ministry and a lot more. maybe the life of people.



Medium scope, a great way to find Holy Spirit filled content.



Medium scope, more general and can find evangelistic content.



Medium scope, a great way to find other businesses, partners or artists.



Medium scope, really used by Faith Driven Entrepreneur or OCEAN for examples.



Medium scope, you will have access to the entrepreneur that made the 8 weeks with FDE.



Specific, but not such a big scope.



Specific, but not such a big scope.



Medium scope, everyone that defines themselves as Christian.



Small scope, but not necessary business related.



Small scope, usually business leaders using it.

or #christianbusinessowners (20 followers)



Small scope, this lead to the same heart businesses.


Under 20 followers

#christianartist #sharejesus #gospelartist #goddid #christianentrepreneurmarketing, #godpreneur, #godpreneurs, #godpreneurship, #businessbythebook, #christianbusinesswoman, #christianbusinesswomen, #christianbusinessshoutout, #christianbusinessleader, #christianbusinessyellowpages, #christianbusinessethics, #christianbusinessleaders, #christianbusinessnetwork, #christianbusinessdirectory, #christianbusinessnetworking

For our Christian marketing agency, we would use something along the line of : #gospel, #faithandwork, #christianity. We would monitor and change according to the posts coming along or as an hashtag become more popular.

***DISCLAIMER*** Note that people that aren’t Christian may also used these hashtags. It doesn’t assure you of quality or good character. It is good to still make your check up before joining something too fast. What is the hashtag really about? The hashtags are used to be found and to found others, use it to your advantages with carefulness.

I hope this has helped you a bit! Is there another hashtags that you like to use? Write it down below!

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