Christian Music promotion tics for gospel artist

Cheap Christian song promotion / Promote your Christian song with less than 500 USD

Looking for Christian Music Promotion?

Look no more! At Jesus Revolution, we help independent Christian artists to be featured online.

We can help you reach more views online with the strategies we have learned with worship bands and other Christian music.

Don’t do it alone and let us use the gift God has given us to serve YOU!

Are you ready to bring your Independent Christian career to the next level, but you don’t know where to start and have a Cheap Christian song Promotion budget? First of all, it is good to know that everything costs something. If you do not pay, it will cost you time to reach out. You made the right decisions, we strongly encourage you to take steps and upgrade what you are able to do yourself.

Before writing the lists, I assumed that certain things. 1 РAll your channels look professional with proper pictures, connected together. 2- You have Artist Certified Pages (free). Check with your music distributor to have your Youtube, Spotify and Itunes one at least connected. 3- You have prepared yourself and your character for this. You have been serving  in church and receive from God this is the right time for you to be out. You also understand that this is a ministry as we are reaching out for people to get saved. 4- Have a local church supporting you in prayer and in advice.

If you have a low budget Christian song promotion budget, we recommend you to wait for the bigger placement like TV or ads (especially if you don’t know how they work). You might end up putting your money in the air. Hired someone like us (see our services) that knows how ads function, but note that you need to let the algorithm understand who wants to listen to your song. This takes time and even longer if the settings are not proper.

Note that the ideas are not in order of importance, but rather things you should be thinking about. We have decided to left out some idea such as print some t-shirts or cds, as it is better to grow your audience first. Tell us what works for you in the comments!

It helps your ranking when your song gets added to the playlist and it makes your song exposure bigger.

We will release a list to help you guys. You can check already made lists Droptracks, Gospel Hydratation, SubmitHub and others.

Note that those are accepting Christian tracks, it will be mixed for most with a lot of different genres. Often the sites put the Christian genre as a all like of all Christian songs are the same xD

FREE and paid (less than 10 usd per playlist)

Christian playlist curator - send your Christian to playlist curator
Christian radio - get your song to play on Christian radios

There are many Christian radios, which one should you choose? You may choose based on style or on location. For instance if your style is progressive rock and the style is more popular in the UK, maybe you can choose to promote there (depending on the language of the song too).

50 kr to be played 6 weeks in Brazil

Social Media, again? When you post on social media, you will be way more effective if you use proper Christian hashtags. Add them to you post and you will be surprise! This gives you more chances to be found.

Free Hashtag lists

best christian business hashtag for Christian entrepreneur
Christian podcast - best business podcast for faith driven entrepreneur

4) Get invited to Christian podcast

Use your network and see who you know that could talk about you song (podcast or blogs if you don’t like to talk live)! If you tell me, I don’t have a network. Well it is time to spend more time with Christians a bit. It will built your faith and your priority. Join a local church also!


5) Christian newspapers

Some posts your testimony for free! Reach out to them. This will also differ based on your location, language and genres. However, there are enough around the world to find one. SEND A PROFESSIONAL EMAIL! No spam and that you need you. Tell them how you can help them: that you will promote it to your friends…

Free and paid

6) Christian Contests

¬†It takes time to write a song, but you get free exposure to new audience you wouldn’t have usually.


7) Collaborate with other Christian artists

Network, find regroup of Christian artists. Events where you may find and connect with meaningful people.

There are groups on Facebook, but also on LinkedIn or a group in your region or city. Collaborate with the one you really connect in Spirit to make a new song. This will diversified your song lists and bring new colors to your artist page.

Free (may need to pay to get into some networks)

What do you think of these idea? Tell us in the comments how it went for you!

If you want to go deeper with proper design, emailing, get more exposure; look at the previous campaign we did and let’s discus together. We have notice that Christian artist doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to create marketing campaigns. At Jesus Revolution, we help Christian artist to have the exposure their song deserves. We believe that by doing so, we help to bring the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

Thank you for reading us!

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