Best Christian Accelerator Programs according to your business stage

Best Christian Accelerator Programs according to your business stage

Are you to a point where you want to grow your business or nonprofit, but you do not know how? I have the pleasure to let you know that there are many different Christian accelerator programs, but which one to choose from? which one is related to my needs?

We have divided the different accelerator programs based on the stage of the company and after you can see the location of the accelerator. We have not joined any of these so far, but I have went to some of their explanation of the programs.

If you don’t have time, you have OCEAN (USA), PRAXIS (USA), JoyCorps (India), CREO (Europe) – for startups, Sinapsis (Africa), TBN (Europe), Impact Central (UK) – for startups, Canal Global (USA) – for solo and small startups.


From their website:

  • Idea To Launch In 90 days
  • Accelerator Video Series
  • HisPlan MyPlan Video Series
  • Project Labs
  • Program Assessments
  • Online Community
  • HisPlan MyPlan Book 
  • Full Access For 1-Year
  • Two 1:1 Tactical Mentoring Sessions with Gerald Duran
  • Weekly Group Zoom Q/A Sessions with Gerald Duran

477$ USD for 12 weeks – online

Small startup - 2 to 4 employees

Base in UK

”Our Accelerator is an intensive course delivered 100% digitally. You’ll receive training from expert faculty, group webinars, and assignments to advance your venture and dedicated individual coaching.”

9 weeks – £750 – online

They actually have 2 different accelerator. This offer is Full Stack teams. They do not reveal the price or more information. You have to ask for a call.

Small company - 5 to 10 employees

Offers:  validating the value proposition; refining the revenue model; investor readiness; mitigating founder isolation; and, preparing founders to be culture creators.

— On site in USA from week of February 28, week of April 18, week of May 16 + 2-4 hours of teaching each day scheduled in the USA time

++ receives a $50,000 investment

++ Offer:

  • Values-Aligned Capital
  • Expert Mentoring
  • Transformative Content
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Talent Network

Entreprise Accelerator

— 10 000 USD fees

Non Profit Accelerator

Offer: $50,000 fellowship Supporting early-stage founders in the growth of their ventures


Africa – Kenya & Uganda

6 months

— KSH 19,800 (in Kenya) and USH 350, 000 (in Uganda) per participant

— total cost per venture: USD $46,000

This includes all accelerator and incubator services over a two-year period, as well as two in-person summits (food, accommodations and travel).

”Fast Track Accelerator is an intensive, invitation only 6-month business accelerator program offered in select cities for graduates of the Entrepreneur Academy.

The company will receive consultation from industry experts in branding, law, accounting, and others based off your business’ needs. This type of consulting would generally cost too much to hire, but these mentors believe in you and want to invest in the next generation of leaders.

Location: Brazil, Burundi, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mongolia, Rwanda and Uganda


>Scale your start-up
> Measure your impact
> Get investment-ready
6 months program

5% equity share of the business that they want to resell after 5 years

I didn’t add any more categories after 5 to 10 employees as you can join any accelerator at that stage but note that you might not be their target group anymore. Christian consulting firms might be the best option or biblical business discipleship.

Write below if there are other accelerator programs that I have forgotten! Let’s help one another to have accurate information.

Blessing to you and seek in prayer & supplication to know the will of God.

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