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Pitching Your Way to the Top: How to Get to Christian DJ

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In today’s digital age, it is an interesting idea for Christian artists to get your music to DJ. Most DJ will play your music in club, however DJ are also invited to weddings, events and other venues. It  wouldn’t be my first choice as a Christian to pitch to DJ, but there are Christian DJ too. Where to find them?

In this article, we will explore effective strategies for pitching your Christian music to DJ and increasing your chances of getting featured on different events.

  • The most user friendly platform, but quite expensive. However, it tells you if active or not.
  • Send similar artist, pitch, links and ready to send!
  • Many sub Gospel and Christian genre filter.
  • One of the only platform to make it easier for you.
  • You send them a MP3 or google drive. It doesn’t drive views on your other online account, but give you exposure.
  • Gospel and Christian filter.

*DropTrack isn’t the most user-friendly and you will not get feedback on who has accepted your submission plus the reason for it.*

3) Emails

  • Research, track them and do it the old way!
  • There are DJ magazine where you can have information where they are and the upcoming events. Make sure you know what kind of event you are getting yourself into before going. A lot in the DJ world is clubbing.
  • Skip the DJ and send directly to a platform.
  • Disclaimer: I have not tried it myself, so be careful what regulation and rights you are loosing there.

Summary for Christian artists

It wouldn’t be my first choice to pitch to DJ, I find blogs and playlists way more efficient. However, your style of music might be a good fit for it. In that case, the easier way to do it is with Droptrack where you will have to allow them to have an MP3 format of your song.

Are you a Christian DJ? Or know a Christian DJ?

Write your information in the comments, so we can work with you and the future people can contact your directly! Blessings

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