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Ideas for Christian Independent Artists to get funding in 2023 (updated)

I got really tired to hear Christian Independent artists saying ”I am broke”. Where to find godly ideas for finance? As Christians, we would like to have investors aligned with our values. What to do when my family doesn’t have more money to invest? Or where can you find people that are aligned with your values?

This article is to help musicpreneur find ways they might haven’t thought or didn’t know about on how to get funding for a Christian Independent Artists.

I will list different ideas that you can try aligned with Christian values. I advice to pray to know which one to go through. This is best to make this kind of decision. Let’s get in it!

1) Network in christian events

Can I mention the importance to network in Christian events? You may find the list of the top Christian networks here. You never know who you will meet a business partner, an investor, a client, friends or prayer partners. The more you are out there, the better.

2) Join a christian pitch competition

There will be limitation of industry or fields. However, it is good to check it out to know when you might be illegible for it. Even if no money come out of it, it is a good network and publicity gained.

USA -> Lion’s Den (Birmingham , Dallas and Sillicon Valley), Faith Driven Entrepreneur,

AFRICA -> Triga Ventures

3) Look at christian investor networks

You have Faith Driven Investors, Beyond, and more! Look into what they are looking for and if it applies to your company!

4) Apply at a christian venture capital

Look at funds that can fund you or add you to their venture capital. Same values and results are key here.

Latin America -> Gold Street

5) Use Christian crowdfunding platform

You may use Christian crowdfunding platform such as Partner Worldwilde, Fundly, GiveSendGo, MobileCause, WeRaise, GivingMail, Bonfire, Funds2orgs, FundedbyFaith, Plumbfund, Faithlauncher, Fundthisministry, Fundly or Indiegogo.

Well know none Christian one: Kickstarter

6) Religion & Church grant

Not in Sweden, however it is in USA and perphaps in your country?

BONUS - consider christian accelerator program

According to your situation, it might be a good fit to go to an accelerator program. In fact, some of them give you funding for being part of their program. Note that you need to do the work and have the right motive. Don’t just go for the money, but think that you get a network and people to help you move ahead. Money is maybe not the need. Restructure might be for example.

You may find a list of accelerator program here.

I also find this article to be interesting about the topic.


Again the most important is to pray to get direction, but I believe it is good to know what is out there.

Write below if there is anything you think should have been added in this articles! Do you know more crowdfunding platforms? I would love to add them to my lists!

Let me pray for you! Lord, I pray that you help my fellow brother and sister to know the next steps for their business. Let it rise and shines if that is your will. Lord we desire for more of you in Jesus name, amen.

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