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Pitching Your Way to the Top: How to Get to Christian Blogs

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In today’s digital age, it is a most in the long term for Christian artists to get your music to blogs. These Christian blogs give you long term listeners that will follower what you do. In this article, we will explore effective strategies for pitching your Christian music to blogs and increasing your chances of getting featured on different articles.

  • They usually have their own form available to find on their website. Reaching to them by email, usually won’t work unless they have stated an email on their website that they want to be reached.
  • You will need to make research and to track them.

*Be professional and do overcrowd them. If they haven’t replied to you, don’t send them 3 emails the next day. If they don’t reply, they might never do. You can follow up, but not the next day. Keep in mind they get thousand of these emails.*

  • You need to create an account and add a bunch of information like your genre, similar artists, mood and so on. After, they will suggest you curators that match from a scale to 10 to 0. Filter to the left and choose blogs only (you can also filter more as of .
  • You get 2 standard credits for free everyday that you can use to send to blogs.
  • For the most engaged blogs, you will have to use premium credits that you should buy.
  • Christian filter
  • Login with your Spotify account.
  • You have 25 free credits per week. Limited amount of curators, but it gives you good views and for free.
  • Gospel and Christian Filters
  • Very similar to SubmitHub, but with few variation. You don’t have access to any free credits. You have to pay for the Grooviz (Groover credits).
  • Filter down your choices and make sure you pitch to the right blogs.
  • Christian and Gospel filter

Summary for Christian artists

Blogs are essential in the long term, it gives you viewers that are exactly in your target group. However, it will take time for you to track and reach to them. Stay professional and explain why your song would be a good fit with them. Follow their guidelines and send them what they want to receive.

Are you a Christian blogger? Or do you know a Christian blogger?

Write your information in the comments, so we can work with you and the future readers can contact your directly! Blessings

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