Top advices for Christian Artist Entrepreneur n 2023

Top Advice for Christian Independent Artist starting in 2023

As Christian Independent artists doesn’t have a label, they need to know the music business side of things as well. This is the top advices to make sure the business side of things are done according to God’s word.

There are many things I wish I would have known when I started my business. First of all, you are not alone. There are many Christian resources out there to help you growth in faith, but also to do business with God. Your music is a ministry.

1) Join Christian business network

NETWORK. NETWORK. NETWORK. There are thousands of Christian business networks out there. You may find our articles about it here. Join their events and meet felow believers in the same field and calling as you. This is encouraging and really rewarding!

2) BUY and read Christian business books

Yes there are good Christian business books on the topic of Bible. Some even go in the practicallity on how to do business with God. See our list for more insights.

3) Get trained

Even if you did a bachelor and a master like I did, I soon realized that as an entrepreneur I needed to take many hats that I wasn’t prepared for.

Free course: Entrepreneur development box, Faith and work

HubSpot & LinkedIn offers so many good courses for free.

4) Put your products or services on a Christian seller platform


You can also produce songs for others or you can teach other some instruments. Put these services out there!


Let’s say you wrote a book about your journey. You have CLC, ChristianBook or even Christian gift shop that can be interested. You also can check the different Christian marketplace such as ExcalĂ©o for Europe.

5) Get a Christian coach or mentor

Note that the Holy Spirit is your biggest helper in all time! I had the blessing to have a sister in Christ spending one hour every week to see how the business what moving along and giving me guidelines and help in hard decisions. Pray and ask someone that you know to do the same! You will need wisdom; all the wisdom you can get on top of your daily Bible reading.

Some payable coaching platform: Fivetwo,

Free mentorship program for under 30: EDGE, Leadership Edge (LEI)

6) Local Christian business lists

This isn’t in every country or worldwilde yet, but the idea is the same. These are regroupment of Christian business. A bit like where should I have coffee? Let’s check for the closest Christian coffee shop. It is really developped in some countries, so don’t miss out!

You may join Christian site maps such as Christian Business Online where your services can be listed and other Christian may find you.

Canada -> Way Base

Netherlands -> CBMC, VRO

7) Contact Christian local resources that can help you

UK -> Resurgo

ASIA -> Agora

Israel -> First Fruits

8) Get accredited

Just like LEAN or 1% water accreditation, there is accreditation for doing business ethically. It increases customer trust. Check it out and apply for it!

GBC (UK), BBB (US & CA), ECFA (USA), Best Christian Working Place (church), Candid (non-profit)

9) Join a Christian accelerator program

Are you impressed by now? I was!

An accelerator is giving you feedback and direction with most of them, you received a personal mentor that is following you. After, you are part of an amazing network.

Check out the different accelerators per stage of the company in our article here.

10) Get financed by Christian investors

Don’t get quenched with the wrong investors trying to push and direct you on a path away from God. Get a Godly investor that understands your calling and will push you along further for it.

You may look at our list of ideas to get funding here.

As an encouragement, I want to say that you are not alone! There is more than you think to help you to move ahead. I even feel overwhelm to get to know all these companies, but you will find after a while what is the best fit for you. Do not stay alone! This is the best way to compromise. We are stronger together!

Write below if there is anything you think should have been added in this articles!

Let me pray for you!

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