Christian Books for Christian Independent artists

Top Christian Books for Independent Christian Artists in 2023

It is not easy to be a Christian Independent artists, you have all the responsibilities of a normal artists plus the spiritual side. However, what great joy is it to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all our gifting?

When you put your first song out as a Christian Independent artists, you must have realized or see yourself as business, but writing song and putting it out is like starting a business in many different ways! You will have to handle the money from publicity, hired people, decided how you want to present yourself (create a brand)… There are many decisions to make that come as a business or non profit. Get as much wisdom related to the topic to make a godly journey in the narrow road.

 When I started my Christian-based business, I wanted to gain knowledge from other believers in business. How to practically do business with God? How to glorify Him in every aspect of my business?  I, therefore, bought many different Christian business books and join many different Christian business networks.

These books will help you be a better Christian Independent artists. From your purposes to business building in a godly ways, these books will address things you may have not consider. I only recommend books I have read or that were recommended by trusted friends. Have a good read!

Note that I give you the link to another Christian business as I believe we should help our Christian businesses and keep the money in the kingdom.

Driven by Eternity - best christian book for Christian Independent artist

Make your priorities right. What are your goals? What is it driven by? A really great book to make your perspective right in all your decision even though there is nothing directly link to music.

12.99$ USD on ChristianBook

It is easy to make music for ourselve, but not that easy to stay in the ”river”. The river is the flow of the Holy Spirit, to understand when to move to something else and when to stay. Clear guideline from a full of wisdom pastor.

10.49$ USD on ChristianBook

best Christian book for artists
Fan the flame - best christian book for independent artist

Experienced pastors have a lot to say about worship and we should hear their insights. When is God blessings the worship? When is Jesus pleases with our praises? A good read to get these insights as we want to do this for God.

6$ USD on their church website

The best Christian book for business people that I have read. It starts with verses, and how to apply them and after it gives practical examples of Christian business. I love that the authors also give bad examples because not everyone does ”everything good”.

15.29$ USD on ChristianBook

Business by the book - larry burkett - best christian book for Christian Independent artist
God's business mandate - best christian book for christian entrepreneur

From Genesis start to see the verses from a business perspectives, there are more in the Bible to tell you how to lead your business than you think!

19.99$ USD on his website

Stay optimistic and help you with other example of entrepreneur stories.

16.19$ USD on ChristianBook

prayer powered entrepreneur - best christian book for Christian Independent artist

What are your favourites one? Write it down below!

I am still reading new books right now (always), so come back to this list as I will update it as I know more networks. What are your favourites? Did I forget any? Write it down below!

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