CCBF - best christian business network for all

Top Christian Business Network in 2023 – for international

When I started my Christian based business, I wanted to gain knowledge from other business Christian. How to practically do business with God? How to glorify Him in every aspects of my business?  I therefore bought many different books and join many different Christian business networks. Which are the top Christian business network in 2023 that I recommend you to join?

These Christian networks are good for any level of entrepreneur. I have put them in order of what I have received, but note that it may be because of my industry or location (Sweden + I am Canadian). Therefore, I do recommend trying what fits best for you. However, you need to go to the events and do things. Otherwise, this time will be meaningless.

I only had limited experience as I joined them for free. For some, you will need to become a member in other to have the full experience. Start and meet fellow Christians!

This is amazing for people in Canada. They have a monthly prayer, some guest invited monthly and you can join all of this for free! They also have physical and virtual groups. Great Godly wisdom!

Free with limited features – Subscription available

Location: Canada 🇨🇦
CCBF - best christian business network for all
C-Suite for christ - best christian business network for all

They are really active on LinkedIn and they have monthly event where someone shared their testimony, have a guest speaker and a time to network even online if you are not in USA.

Free to join 3 of their events – after you will need to become a member

Location: USA 🇺🇸

Although this is a network for working people, I found that many managers are also there. Thousand of people chatting and making business missions together. I love the concept and the platform is so well made!!

Free with unlimited features

Location: USA 🇺🇸
Follower of One - best christian business network for all
Unconventional Business Network - best christian network for christian entrepreneur

They just launch an online group. This group has been happening for only a month as far as I am aware off. The group leader had good insights, but I can’t tell more for now.


Location: USA 🇺🇸

Not exactly a Christian business network, but a faith based accelerator. Note that not everyone will have faith there. This is will it is a bonus as it doesn’t totally fit the title of this article, but they still have many events for faith based people and great topic to follow.
Free to join the network after joining a demo day
Location: USA 🇺🇸
OCEAN - best christian business network for all

I am still trying new networks right now, so come back to this list and I will update it as I know more networks. What are your favorites? Did I forget any? Write it down below!

That are also ICBM, C12 (most have 10 employees under you), Christian Leadership Alliance, Kingdom Business Group, Christian Women Business, and Global Leadership Network but I haven’t gone to any of their events yet.

Thank you so much and tell me how was your experience with these networks?

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