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Which Digital Music Distribution Services Should I Choose as a Christian Artist?

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In today’s digital age, you can’t send your music directly to Spotify and other main stream music platform, you need a music distributor. What should I look for in a distributor and what not to take? In this article, we will explore effective strategies for choosing your Christian video maker and increasing your chances of getting your music seen on Youtube and social media.

DO – Choose according to your goals and current situation. There aren’t any Christian Music Distribution yet, we therefore have to go with the common ones.

DON’T – Make sure your distributors are listed in Youtube and other main music partners. If they are not, you won’t be able to become a verified artists on Youtube and you won’t have access to some main features such as writing directly to your followers. List of Youtube partners

You can also have a label that takes care of all of this. However, this is another story. You will have to pitch and get your music to tell. For now, we will not cover this part.

  • You have additional features that you don’t have with the other such as promotional link (kind of teaser of your song).
  • Cheapest at 19,99 USD per month with TuneCore
  • Best overall choice

*Not everyone that has a Christian gig is Christian, it just means that they are willing to serve you.*

  • The only music distributor that allows you to distribute your music for FREE! Limit of one release per month.
  • They have high standards, you need to send them high quality otherwise they don’t release your music.
  • Downside – it takes a month before your music is released.
  • Best for Free usage
  • Same price as DistroKid 19,99 USD per month. However, you have some feature that takes more time than the others. Like to become a Verified Artists on Youtube, you need 3 releases where other require 1.
  • Most stores that sells your music
  • Have free course and resources for artists made by them. When you do the course, you get free credits to buy other features.
  • They are a big one in the market, they have a lot of partnership with labels. They are therefore the best long term choose as they can help support you even when you grow BIG.
  • CD Baby is slightly more expensive than the top 2 at 49,99 USD per release for the Pro version.
  • However, they have really cool partnership that can help you save money. Partnership that gives you: 100 free radio placements, discount on music videos, music placements with curators and more.
  • I have never used it, however as I made my research I was delighted to find a Christian distributor channel based in the UK.
  • As I believe we should help other believers. Tell us if you have used it!

Summary for Christian artists

Getting a music distributor is inevitable, you can’t send your music directly to Spotify. You need a mediator. As there are no current Christian music distributor, the best choice for free is Amuse, DistroKid in general, TuneCore for the long term and CD baby for their partners.

Are you a Christian Music Distributor? Or do you know one?

Write your information in the comments, so we can work with you and the future readers can contact your directly! Blessings

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