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Thank you soo much for the covers! beautiful!😍🙌🏽✨ I'm so grateful!🙏🏽
Kamilla Thorn - client Jesus Revolution Marketing Services for artists
Kamilla Thorn
I get messages from contacts who haven't heard the songs. Your message from yesterday, wow! You are proactive, very resourceful, go-getter and kind.
Josée Dumont - previous client Jesus Revolution marketing services for artists
Josée Dumont
Thanks for your work with this project, I appreciate it 😊
Great service, good solutions and expert in social media.
Krister Leimola - previous client Jesus Revolution marketing services for artists
Krister Leimola


When does the contract end?

The contract ends when all the tasks listed in the package are done. This usually takes up to a month after the release as we like to spread your different reaching out to a longer range.

What if I change my mind in the middle of the campaign?

We are sorry to hear about it. In terms of refund, this is unfortunately not possible to refund you as the process have been started and we may have already pay for blogs or other placements. However, we can change similar placements for you with equal pricing. For instance change 2 paid blog placement for x amount of playlists.

Can I use your service every months?

You can! We can reach out to us and we will give you a custom offer. We have also notice that playlist placement stay on average for 3 weeks. Therefore, there is a need to keep pushing, or to keep the rhythm that has been put in place.

When should I book the package?

You should book the package if you have a Christian release coming up in the next months. We recommend booking 2 months in advance as we have time to prepare for the release date and also to make sure that we have the time to take you. Otherwise, we will offer you a post release package.

Can I book this post release?

Some curators only accept submission prior to the release. If you have already release your song but didn’t think about the promotion, you can still book with us. However, we have seen lower conversion than prior release. You can also contact us with the song link and we can see what we can do.

Would you like a package?

We can work with you even if your song is already released!

Note that if your song is already released, we won’t be able to reach to the Spotify team for consideration for radar, discovery, Spotify playlists and more. Also, certain Christian blogs and newspaper only accept music submission up to a month after the release. Therefore, we will have to work around certain things. However, we are confident that we can find the best solution that will fits the goal that God has placed on your heart!

lydia - founder and shepherd of Jesus Revolution - marketing agency for christian
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